Ladies and Gentlemen…

Hello jewellery lovers,

I would like to briefly introduce myself before I will to take on a journey to my realm of contemporary art & design jewellery. I am Lisa Juen, a jewellery artist & designer from Germany. (Please excuse grammar mistakes and weird sentences!). I knew from a very young age that making things and creating them with my own hands is what defines me. The creative process, from the initial idea to ups and downs in the making, approval and disapproval, drama, excitement, satisfaction and finally tons of happy endorphins when holding a finished piece in my hands, is what keeps me ticking. In my work, I like to ask questions. All sorts of questions that keep spinning in my mind until I feel they are ripe for being further investigated and until I get the answer I was looking for. With each completed making cycle, the whole creative process starts all over again. A new search is induced, new questions, new challenges, new answers.

When I had completed my studies at BIAD in Birmingham (UK) in 2007, I found myself being trained as a fine artist with focus on using jewellery as the primary medium of my expression. Since then, my work has been in shows and exhibitions around the globe, introducing my way of thinking to a wide range of contemporary jewellery collectors and enthusiasts. I thoroughly appreciate this way of working and having my work on display but with time, I came to a point that made me wonder how to reach people that are outside of those tight circles as well. I wanted to create jewellery that is accessible to more people and that people want to wear as a steady companion in their daily lives.

This is when I decided to push my creative thinking process in a second, to that point fairly new, direction: Jewellery Design. (Jewellery Art and Jewellery Design are two completely different pairs of shoes. I will not discuss this at this point but maybe save it for a later post.)

This is when ‘ProonK’ came to life. ProonK is the English spelled version of the German word ‘Prunk’, which means as much as pageantry, pomposity, pomp.

As I have mentioned before, this blog is meant to take you on a journey to the realm of my jewellery making and thinking. This includes my artistic work and progress as well as the development of my new design label ProonK.

I hope you’ll enjoy discovering!

'DoroFly', Globalorettes Series, ProonK

'Pussy Brooch', Brooch 2010,



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