My sister’s wedding bands

A few weeks ago, my sister got married! It was a very joyous occasion for the entire family, so I felt especially happy last year when she had asked me to make her wedding bands.

She wanted to have simple bands, nothing that would stand out too much but nothing too usual either. There needed to be something special about them on a more subtle level. In Germany, it is not usual that women still wear their engagement rings after the wedding. Usually they only wear the actual wedding band after the ceremony, so big stones are not necessarily common.

She did some research herself in shops and found a pair of rings that she really liked. She described the overall look to me: The ring was made from two differently coloured rings that were fused into each other. So, I started making.

As mentioned before in my post ‘Making Wedding Bands’, wedding bands are not supposed to be made with any kind of solder line or opening. A ring made that way is said to be bad luck, since it is not continuous. At some point it might break and so might the marriage. So, it should be made in one piece. The most common thing to do is to work with castings.

I started off carving the ring models out of wax and I sent them to a caster. A few weeks later, I received four rings: Two made from 18K Greengold for the inside rings and 14K Whitegold for the outside rings.

After cleaning and polishing the casts, I had to fuse the rings into each other. It was the first time that I tried to do this, so I was not quite sure how to encounter the issue. I was especially concerned with maintaining the right ring size. But a few attempts later, everything worked out and they were perfect!

So, here they are: My sister’s wedding bands!

sara wedding bands1small

sara wedding bands3smallRings made from 18K Greengold and 14K White Gold.

My sister and her husband loved them! Please let me know what you think!

Thank you for reading.

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